Hi I’m Bill

After living and traveling all over the world, seeking a taste of life’s pleasures, and then finally figuring out what really matters to me, I decided to ditch the nine to five and live my life doing what I love – crafting the finest longboards from sustainable wood and sharing the fun of riding with people just like you.

I care about the Earth, and art, and fitness, and see opportunities for fun at every street corner, every bend in the road.

But the pursuit of fun is just part of it. I’m serious about my craft. These boards are made of wood that has been harvested sustainably or reclaimed. They are individually created works of art.

…And when you ride one, you feel freedom.

The Process

applying oil to the longboard

It all starts with the wood, I am constantly searching for the most beautiful solid pieces of wood, and I hand select the best quality domestic hardwoods. Oregon Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Madrone, Black Locust and Koa are some of my favorites since they are all structurally sound, have interesting grains, and rich colors. All of my products are hand made with passion in my wood shop in Seattle, WA. I love what i do, and I take pride in being an environmentally friendly artist by crafting my boards out of sustainable wood from fallen trees, and repurposing reclaimed wood that has been salvaged.

The design and style of my longboards was inspired by Hawaiian surfboards and vintage skateboards that were originally produced in the 1950’s and 60’s…the goal was to create “old school” transportation in a beautiful classic form that would be timeless and never go out of style! My custom longboards are sturdy and built to last, they are approximately 1″ thick and available in two lengths: 39″ and 46″…Each longboard is hand made and hand sanded with five different grits of sandpaper to produce a perfectly smooth surface, they are then treated with oil based finishes to bring out the luster of the grain and protect the wood.

Every longboard is hand branded with the Erickson logo and hand embossed with the items unique ID#…Not only is the hardwood top quality, but the trucks, wheels and bearings are also all top of the line parts….Hitting that patch of gravel, or cruising down that cobblestone road will be no problem with the soft and forgiving wheels that also run hard and fast when you want them to!

assembling a cutting board

The intent to have zero waste by using every part of every piece of wood inspired my beautiful collection of uniquely designed end grain cutting boards. I have three sizes available online; medium, large and extra large, and all are approx 2″ thick for extra durability and built to last a lifetime!

I take pride in meticulously crafting each one to be artistically distinct in pattern by using varying sizes in row widths, alternating grain directions, and incorporating anywhere from 15-20 different types of wood species to give each piece an original one of a kind design. Each cutting board takes approximately two months to create from start to finish ~ lots of cutting, planing, sanding, gluing, clamping, and more sanding for a perfectly smooth surface!

All cutting boards are constructed of food safe materials, and are conditioned with 100% natural food safe butcher block oil…They are very easy to maintain…I’m confident that you’ll love the impeccable quality, detail and care that goes into every handmade piece. many say that my cutting boards are too beautiful to cut on, but these are meant to be usable art, so you can use one side, and display the other!

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