How do I care for my new cutting board ?

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Is my Erickson cutting board food safe ?

Yes, all Erickson cutting boards are hand-made to be food safe.

We do not use any toxic wood or chemicals in our processes. All cutting boards are treated with Food safe mineral oil.

How do I care for my new longboard?

  • Solid hardwood longboards are meant to be ridden and look better used
  • Once a year, or as needed, remove the trucks and give the board a light sanding with 180/220 grit sandpaper, just to smooth the rough edges
  • With a soft cloth [old t-shirt] hand rub and oil based finish [Polyurethane, Danish Oil, Outdoor oil, etc.] let it dry for 12 hours
  • Re-assemble and keep riding!
  • Storing away from direct sunlight will reduce the risk of fading

How to choose between the 39″ and the 46″ longboards?

Both sizes are great for urban cruising…the 39″ is slightly stiffer than the 46″ which has a bit more flex…both sizes offer a great smooth ride with soft and forgiving wheels that also run hard and fast when you want them to!

What days are you selling at Pike Place market?

I am typically at the market on Sundays and Mondays from 9:45am – 5:30/6pm… and occasionally I am there on other days as well !!

**Please note that I do not always set up my booth in the same location at the market, so please look for me in the Main Arcade and/or the North Arcade, and/or the outside slabs during the summer months…please feel free to contact me about my schedule and location, and if you are unable to visit me during market hours, I would be happy to find a time to meet with you at my woodshop in Ballard.

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